Alaska K9 Aquatics Dedicated to the Athlete in Every Dog

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Welcome to Alaska K9 Aquatics! We are dedicated to the canine athlete in every dog! It can be a challenge in our northern climate to get our dogs the exercise they enjoy year round. Therefore, we (About Us) created a fun, safe, clean, and warm place your dog(s) can enjoy the benefits of swimming year round. The focus is on the dog having a positive swim experience, and feeling safe and supported in this new environment.

Our facility has an 18' X 35' 4 foot deep Rec Pool with a ramp entrance, two self service dog washes and drying stations with quiet motors, and a small but select retail section.

The health benefits of swimming have been known for centuries, in part due to the increased resistance water provides to movement - approximately 10 times more than air. The benefits include weight loss and weight control, endurance building, a cardiovascular workout, and improved muscular strength all in a low-impact environment. We are committed to help every dog that enters our facility swim to the best of their ability. To assure that swimming is a safe form of exercise for YOUR dog, if your dog is injured, pre- or post surgical, or under a Veterinarian’s care for any condition please include this Veterinarian Clearance Form with your Registration Form. Consultation with your Veterinarian is recommended for any health related matters.

Upcoming Closures

Alaska K9 Aquatics will be closed May 27th, 28th, and 29th.

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